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Lavender and Lime is the go-to business for those looking for exceptional wedding and event cakes. Owned by Liv Garriock, the bakery has quickly gained a reputation for its stunning and delectable cakes.
Liv Garriock's attention to detail and unique flavour combinations are evident in every wedding and event cake she creates. Her cakes are not only visually stunning but are also made with high-quality ingredients. This commitment to using fresh, high-quality ingredients sets Lavender and Lime Bakeries' wedding and event cakes apart from the rest.
Liv Garriock's expertise in cake design is unmatched, and she is known for her ability to create bespoke cakes that perfectly reflect the personality and style of her clients, from elegant and classic to whimsical and playful, every cake Liv Garriock makes is one-of-a-kind and guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.
In addition to her exceptional wedding and event cakes, Lavender and Lime also offers a range of other baked goods. Ruby Jeans The Parade is the restaurant where we are based and its an inviting atmosphere, the perfect spot for couples to meet with Liv Garriock and discuss their wedding cake vision over a cup of coffee or tea.
Overall, Lavender and Lime Bakery is the perfect choice for those looking for a truly exceptional wedding or event cake. Liv Garriock's talent and passion for her craft are evident in every cake she creates.

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